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Vision Rehabilitation - Pediatric Optometry - Vision Therapy and Vision Rehabilitation

Basic Information

Category Title: Vision Rehabilitation
Program Area of Emphasis: Pediatric Optometry, Vision Therapy and Vision Rehabilitation
Program Site: Doctors Vision Centres Stonewall
Program Location: Private Clinic
Program Address: Box 907

Stonewall, Manitoba R0C 2Z0
Phone Number: 204-467-8044
Fax Number: 204-467-9611
Affiliation: Pacific University, College of Optometry
Director of Residency Education:

Michela Kenning, OD, FAAO

Program Application Deadline: January 31
Program URL:

Program Description

Date Program Established: 07/2018
Accreditation Status: Not Accredited

Click here for more information about accreditation of optometric residency programs.

Combined Residency/Graduate Program: No
Program Mission Statement:

The Paediatric, Vision Therapy and Rehabilitation Optometry Residency Program at Doctors Vision Centre Stonewall provides qualified graduate optometrists with advanced clinical experience in the management of vision disorders through both modeling and direct patient contact including cases of unusual genetic anomalies (albinism, congenital X-Linked stationary night blindness), amblyopia/strabismus, acquired brain injury, developmental delays and vision related learning difficulties.  These experiences will facilitate the resident’s development into an exceptional clinician offering specialized skills in optometric care for vision rehabilitation patients and persons with binocular and developmental vision impairment.

Program Description:

Goal 1: Enhance the resident’s examination skills in vision rehabilitation

Goal 2: Strengthen the resident’s expertise in the diagnosis and management of vision problems in binocular, perceptual vision and vision rehabilitation.

Goal 3: Expand the resident’s knowledge in managing patients with acquired brain injury and developmental delays.

Goal 4: Expand the resident’s knowledge in managing paediatric cases.

Goal 5: Expand the resident’s knowledge of binocular and perceptual vision problems.

Goal 6: Develop the resident’s communication skills that are required for successful provision of services in vision rehabilitation. 

Goal 7: Develop the resident’s understanding of the business and accounting aspects of successful management of a practice devoted to children, rehabilitation, and vision therapy.

Goal 8: Develop the resident’s skill in presenting topics to fellow professionals.

Program Length: 53-56 weeks
Number of Positions Available in Program: One
Program Starting Date: July 2
Typical Weekly Hours and After-Hours Responsibilities:

Expected range of hours of attendance in a typical week of activities is 40-50 hours.  Approximate Doctors Vision Centre Stonewall hours are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 8:00-5:00, and Wednesday 12 -8pm.

Requirements for Completion:

Criteria for Completion of Residency:

  1. Attend and document all assigned clinical, scholarly, and didactic activities.

  2. Complete a residency project, meet all interim deadlines, and present the project at the Northwest Residents Conference.

  3. Achieve "expected" or above ratings in the Clinical Performance and Case Management Skills, Professionalism and Interpersonal Skills, and Teaching and Supervisory Skills sections on all resident evaluations, or successfully complete a remediation program.  For "Below Average" evaluations in other areas, improve performance to the satisfaction of the Residency Supervisor and the Associate Dean.

  4. Complete all assigned evaluations of the Program and Residency Supervisor.  In addition:

    1. The Resident is required to deliver clinical services at a level that is satisfactory to the Resident Supervisor of DVC Stonewall, the Director of Residency Programs at PUCO, and the administration of PUCO.

    2. The Resident will be required to write a paper based on original research, literature review or a clinical case for publication in an acceptable professional journal.

    3. The Resident will be expected to perform in a professional manner in the delivery of professional care services and to observe the proprieties of conduct and courtesies that are consistent with the rules and regulations governing DVC Stonewall.

    4. The Resident will be required to participate in and complete the requirements set forth in the curriculum.

Once these and all other published requirements for completion have been met, the resident will receive a Certificate of Completion.  This requires recommendation by the Residency Program Coordinator, and review by the Director of Residency.  The certificate contains the Pacific University seal and is signed by the Dean.  The Residency Program Coordinator tracks the resident and ensures he/she attains all criteria.  At the end of the year, the Residency Program Coordinator is required to send a letter in writing to the Director of Residency Programs attesting to the fact that the Resident has completed all criteria to the Residency.

Program Salary/Stipend: $38,000 Canadian – not contingent upon productivity of the resident
Program Benefits and Liability Coverage: Health Coverage

Professional Liability Insurance


Paid Sick Leave

Travel Allowance

Other: Residents will be provided with furnished housing within walking distance of the clinic (approximate value $12,000). Residents will have access to FREE healthcare as part of the benefits of residing in Canada. Additionally, upon successful completion of licensing in Manitoba we will reimburse 50% of the annual license costs. Doctors Vision Centre will pay $1,000 each towards the cost of attending three optometry conferences over the course of your residency. These would include the annual Northwest Residents Conference at Pacific University in Forest Grove, Oregon, COVD and another of your choosing.
Completion Certificate: Yes
VA Hospital Affiliation: No

Key Contacts

Program Coordinator, Coordinator Title: Dawn A Dunford, OD, FCOVD, Residency Program Coordinator
Telephone: 204-467-8044
Fax: 204-467-9611
E-mail Address:
Program Co-Coordinator, Co-Coordinator Title:
E-mail Address:

Application Information

Application Materials and Procedures:

  • Contact the residency program supervisor and be available for a personal interview

  • Candidates must apply to this residency program through the Optometry Residency Match (ORMatch) online at

  • Furnish official transcripts of all optometric and graduate education

  • Furnish official NBEO score or Canadian Boards score.

  • Three letters of recommendation from individuals familiar with the candidate's clinical and academic performance

  • Candidates must provide a brief essay stating reasons for applying to this program

Selection Procedure and Admission Criteria:

  • U.S. and Canadian Citizens eligible to apply.  Benefits include FREE housing and healthcare

  • Candidates must earn the degree of Doctor of Optometry from a school or college of optometry accredited by the Accreditation Council on Optometric Education

  • Candidate must pass all three parts of the NBEO and attain a BC License and then transfer said license to Manitoba OR pass the Canadian Boards and attain a Manitoba license prior to the starting date of the residency program.

  • Doctors Vision Centre Stonewall affirms that all candidates will be evaluated without regard to sex, race, color, creed, national origin or non-disqualifying physical disabilities.

Program Application Deadline: January 31

Additional Comments

Living in Stonewall, Manitoba Canada

Stonewall is a bedroom community located 20 minutes northwest of Winnipeg. The area offers a rich variety of activities including Folklorama, sightseeing, hiking, beaches and restaurants. The area has cultural and community events throughout the year.

We’re offering a residency program that’s very different from many other programs out there today, including the following:

  • You’ll get to benefit from the training I received at SUNY in 1998/1999, where I had the privilege of training with several giants in the field of Vision Therapy, including Sid Groffman (developer of the Groffman Information Processing software), Irwin Suchoff (founder of SUNY’s TBI clinic) and Israel Greenwald (owner of Dr. Brock’s practice – yes, the originator of the Brock String).

  • You’ll get a speedpass towards your future Fellowship from the College of Optometrists in Vision Development. Since receiving my fellowship, I have mentored several other optometrists through the process and trained two Vision Therapist through their certification. I am currently serving my second year as President of the Canadian Chapter of COVD and have been presenting COPE approved Vision Therapy training across Canada (you’ll get to participate in these beginner to advanced trainings).

  • You’ll be working with an optometrist who loves to teach, because until I owned my own practices, I always saw myself in Academia, and now I can do both to your benefit. Having a residency with me, will allow me the opportunity to cram as much of my twenty years experience into your brain as possible. For my own part, I feel that my residency time allowed me to leap frog ten years of in-the-field experience.

  • You’ll be working with a practicing optometrist with 20 years experience, and while optometrists tend not to recognize specialties (in fact, the Manitoba Association of Optometrists doesn’t allow it), I can tell you that I have seen the children, nephews, nieces and other family members of more than 25 of my fellow optometrists. (It’s fair to say that I’ve received informal recognition of my specialties.)

  • At least 50,000 paediatric patients have passed through my office in the past 20 years – that’s 100,000 eyeballs! Pediatricians refer to our clinic regularly (yes – it is possible). My practices also have access to genetically interesting communities that include anomalies such as albinism, x-linked congenital night blindness and Bardet-Biedl Syndrome.