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Primary Eye Care

Basic Information

Category Title: Primary Care Optometry
Program Area of Emphasis:
Program Site: VA San Diego Healthcare System -La Jolla Medical Center, 3350 La Jolla Village Dr, San Diego, CA 92161
Program Location: VA
Program Address: VA Oceanside (mailing address)
1300 Rancho del Oro Road
Oceanside, California 92056
Phone Number: 760-643-4553
Fax Number: 760-643-4550
Affiliation: Southern California College of Optometry at Marshall B. Ketchum University
Director of Residency Education:

Judy Tong, O.D. F.A.A.O.

Program Application Deadline: January 31st
Program URL:

Program Description

Date Program Established: 07/2006
Accreditation Status: Accredited

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Combined Residency/Graduate Program: No
Program Mission Statement:

The fundamental mission of the San Diego VA program is to provide qualified postdoctoral optometry graduates with advanced clinical experiences in primary care optometry at a hospital-based setting and outpatient clinical setting in a predominantly geriatric population. While working as a member of an interdisciplinary team, the resident will play a significant role in diagnosing and managing ocular disease in patients that have systemic disease manifestations. Additionally, the resident will engage in didactic and scholarly activities to further promote their optometric education.

The vision of the program is to foster a passion for life-long learning that will continue to guide the resident beyond the completion of the program and encourage them to promote high quality patient-centered care throughout their optometric career.

Program Description:

The residency is a one year post-graduate training program from July 1 through June 30. There are four resident positions with residents rotating in 3 clinic locations. Patient care occurs at the Medical Center in La Jolla and at two outpatient clinics in Mission Valley and Oceanside. The Medical Center is adjacent to the University of California at San Diego campus. While working as part of an interdisciplinary team, the residents' ability to diagnose and manage ocular diseases and the ophthalmic manifestations of systemic diseases will be enhanced. The resident will become proficient in performing low vision and traumatic brain injury examinations. The resident will also become proficient in performing minor surgical procedures. (The resident performs basically everything except for pediatric and contact lens examinations.) Program Goals 1. Ensure that the resident demonstrates advanced primary vision and ocular health management skills. 2. Provide advanced optometric clinical training in a hospital based setting. 3. Stimulate scholarly development in the resident by researching current scientific information and assisting in the integration and application into patient care. 4. Stimulate a commitment to service in the resident.

Program Length:
Number of Positions Available in Program: 4
Program Starting Date: First week of July
Typical Weekly Hours and After-Hours Responsibilities:

Our residency program has 4 permanent resident spots. For the 2019-2020 Academic Year, we have four permanent residents. The following chart shows the typical schedule for four residents with the rotations switching every 12 weeks. * Normal VA hours are from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday; the resident is required to remain until all patient care activities are concluded. Evenings, weekends, and on-call duties are not included in the resident's tour of duty. * The resident will provide direct patient care at the main hospital in La Jolla and at outpatient clinics in Mission Valley and Oceanside. Ninety percent of patient care is spent in routine clinics (denoted by clinic location in above chart) and ten percent in specialty clinics (low vision & TBI). * The resident will have half day of education time each week. This time is for scholarly activities such as journal club, reading articles, preparing lectures, and working on the thesis paper. * Grand Rounds with UCSD Ophthalmology, starting in September, is every Monday from 5pm to 6pm. * Community lecture series with UCSD Ophthalmology the first Monday of every month from 6pm to 7pm. * Residents are encouraged to attend Continuing Education meetings of the San Diego County Optometric Society. Throughout the year, there are six 2-hour Continuing Education meetings on Thursday evenings.

Requirements for Completion:

Completion Requirements 1. Completion and submission of all SCCO at MBKU required paperwork to the Residency Coordinator (Dr. Wang) and SCCO at MBKU (Erin Dean/Dr. Tong). a. Quarterly Encounter Activity Report (VA CPRS document) used in place of SCCO at MBKU Quarterly Patient Encounter Log. b. Quarterly Patient Diagnosis Log c. Quarterly Faculty Evaluations d. Quarterly Program Evaluations e. Quarterly Resident Referral Log f. Quarterly Resident Activity Log g. Quarterly Resident Reading Log h. End of the Year Evaluation of Program i. Certification of Completion of Residency Requirements j. Resident Contact Address after Completion 2. Minimum of 1500 patient encounters. 3. Be present for complete academic year from July 1 through June 30 for the entire tour of duty except when on approved vacation, sick or authorized absence days. 4. Provide quality, compassionate, ethical care to all Veterans. 5. Participate in Journal Club on Monday afternoons. 6. Attend the San Diego County Optometry Society Continuing Education Meetings. 7. Attend the UCSD Grand Rounds and Community Lecture Series. 8. Develop a case report and/or poster consistent with fellowship requirements for the AAO. a. Highly encouraged to submit abstract for AAO Resident's Day or comparable venue. 9. Prepare a manuscript of publishable quality. 10. Prepare and present a lecture for SCCO at MBKU Residency Forum. 11. Highly encouraged to attend a national optometric conference

Program Salary/Stipend: $38,949
Program Benefits and Liability Coverage: Health Coverage

Professional Liability Insurance


Paid Sick Leave

Completion Certificate: Yes
VA Hospital Affiliation: Yes

Key Contacts

Program Coordinator, Coordinator Title: Katherine Wang, Residency Coordinator
Telephone: 760-643-4553
Fax: 760-643-4550
E-mail Address:
Program Co-Coordinator, Co-Coordinator Title:
E-mail Address:

Application Information

Application Materials and Procedures:

Katherine Wang, O.D., FAAO Residency Coordinator VA, San Diego Healthcare System Oceanside VA 1300 Rancho del Oro Road Oceanside, CA 92056 Katherine Wang, OD, FAAO Residency Coordinator

Selection Procedure and Admission Criteria:

Selection Process The ranking process is initiated with the Residency Coordinator receiving notification from ORMatch of a resident candidate's application to the program. The Residency Coordinator must receive the following documentation for a candidate to be considered for a residency position: ORMatch application, Curriculum Vitae, transcripts of NBEO scores, transcripts of optometric education, three (3) letters of recommendation, and a brief statement regarding desire to complete this residency program (letter of intent). An interview will be granted based upon the quality of the credentials, supporting documents, and the quantity and quality of completing candidates. Following interviews and just prior to the deadline date for submission of a ranking list to ORMatch, the residency interview committee ranks candidates in consideration of the combined relative quality of each applicant's credentials, interview, and other intangible factors such as their professional characteristics. No candidate will be discriminated against based upon race, color, sex, religion, creed, national origin, age, or non-disqualifying physical impairment. Each candidate will be ranked based upon the following criteria: Interview 50% GPA 10% NBEO scores 10% Letter of Intent 10% Letters of Recommendation 10% Special qualities/characteristics(intangibles) 10% Maturity Professionalism Communication skills Attitude Ability to get along with others Following the interview and just prior to the deadline date for submission of a ranking list to ORMatch, the residency program faculty ranks candidates in consideration of the combined relative quality of each applicant's credentials, interview, and other intangible factors such as their professional characteristics. The Residency Coordinator submits a ranking list of preferred candidates to ORMatch. Simultaneously, candidates independently submit a ranking list of preferred programs to ORMatch. Utilizing these ranking lists, ORMatch algorithmically matches residents to programs. ORMatch subsequently informs the program and the candidates of the outcome. In the event of not being matched, the Residency Coordinator can pursue interested candidates from the remaining unmatched pool or may consider any other qualified individual.

United States citizenship is required to qualify for VHA appointment in a paid VA optometry resident position funded by the Office of Academic Affiliations. Reference: VA Handbook 5005/57, Part II, Chapter 3, Paragraph 3.g.(1) & (5)(c), dated June 14, 2012.
Program Application Deadline: January 31st

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